Affiliate Expert By Digital Marketer Vikky is a very reliable course. Your 100% money will be refunded. Here are some of the following rules: 

1. If you have completed 100% of the course.


2. If you have followed what is taught in the course and even after that you have not been able to earn any money. 


3. And you have talked to me on the call about your problem, yet even after doing what I have told you, your cell has not come.

4. If you have not been taught anything related to affiliate marketing or have been taught something else by learning affiliate marketing, then you can get your full refund from us.


If you have Completed  only these Four conditions as above, then your refund will be done without any hassle. Its procedure is as follows:



First you have to call me then you tell me your refund on Paytm or any other payment method I will refund your money in it which will take 07 days. Click Here to contact me. 



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